Early history

Ray Keats was born in l943 N.W. England, U.K. She moved to N. Wales in 1986, where she has remained. Most works prior to 1986 either sold or destroyed - a few are still held by the artist


First exhibited paintings in 1960 and continued to exhibit in the North West and Midlands of England until 1984.


Bangor Open Exhibition, N. Wales

Beaumaris Open Exhibition N. Wales

Stockport Memorial Gallery N.W. England "Mona Lisa Musta Had the Highway Blues"

Aberystwyth Open Exhibition Wales


Third Annual Open Exhibition Oriel Bangor, N. Wales

'Ten Local Artists' Oriel Bangor N. Wales

Wales Open Art Exhibition, Aberystwyth. Wales


Soho West Galleries, Woodstock, New York, U.S.A.


"Cysylltiadau" Theatr Gwynedd N. Wales

This exhibition is the subject of the video "Connections" and was a combination of works by W. Leon Bailey (Jamaica), Curtis Lambert (Jamaica), and Ray Keats.


'Coeden Y Caribi' Theatr Gwynedd, N. Wales


"Caribbean Tree" Oriel Eryri, Llanberis, N. Wales. This exhibition extended and shown in two parts at two other N. Wales galleries, Oriel y Llyfrgell, Caernarvon & Oriel y Llyfrgell, Blaenau Ffestiniog

"Behind The Scenes" exhibition Oriel y Llyfrgell, Blaenau Ffestiniog

"Cornucopia" exhibition, Penrhyn Castle, N. Wales


Two exhibitions at Penrhyn Castle, N. Wales


"Millennium Magic" exhibition Theatr Gwynedd, N. Wales


"Allsorts" exhibition Penrhyn Castle N. Wales

2001 - 2005

Exhibited annually at Penrhyn Castle, N.Wales

Magazine Articles

'Dignity' magazine Nov/Dec 1997

"Focus on Ray Keats" - illustrated autobiographical article - printed as "Focus on Ray Taylor" with apology in subsequent magazine

Cover illustration for 'Dignity' magazine

'Painting for All' magazine Jan/Feb 1999

Illustrated autobiographical article "Brushing Away The Miles"

'Painting For All' magazine March/Apri1999

"Caribbean Tree - The unity of talent, culture and support of many artists for another." - illustrated article

'Popular Painting' magazine Dec/Jan 2000

"Caribbean Tree Goes to Collage" - illustrated article

'Popular Painting' Jun/Jul 2000

"Sowing The Seeds of Painting Friendship" - autobiographical, illustrated article

"Gifts of Painting Friendship" illustrated article

"Ketchin' Di Vibe" article illustrated with pages from Jamaica sketchbook

"Directional Line/Strokes in Practice" text + illustrations - except text for 'Coloured Pencil' and 'Watercolour'

Magazine cover illustrations

Nov/Dec 1997

"Dignity" magazine

Mar/Apr 2000

"Dignity" magazine

May/Jun 2000

"Dignity" magazine

Jul/Aug 2000

"Dignity" magazine



Painting 'Hollis Brown Still Lives..." used as cover illustration on advertising leaflet for the exhibition 'Mona Lisa Musta Had The Highway Blues"


Painting 'Everything is Broken' reproduced and used as cover illustration for "Bob Dylan: Postmodern Troubadour?" a sixty page monograph by Elaine Jackson (Copyright Desolation Row Promotions for Elaine Jackson)

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